[gpfsug-discuss] USA Co-Principal

GPFS UG Chair (Simon Thompson) chair at gpfsug.org
Wed Aug 12 10:20:40 BST 2015

Hi All,

We only had 1 self nomination for the co-principal of the USA side of the
group. I've very much like to thank Bob Oesterlin for nominating himself
to help Kristy with the USA side of things. I've spoken a few times with
Bob "off-list" and he's helped me out with a few bits and pieces.

As you may have seen, Kristy has been posting from
usa-principal at gpfsug.org, I'll sort another address out for the
co-principal role today.

Both Kristy and Bob seem determined to get the USA group off the ground
and I wish them every success with this.


Bob's profile follows:

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/boboesterlin

Short Profile:

I have over 15 years experience with GPFS. Prior to 2013 I was with IBM
and wa actively involved with developing solutions for customers using
GPFS both inside and outside IBM. Prior to my work with GPFS, I was active
in the AFS and OpenAFS community where I served as one of founding Elder
members of that group. I am well know inside IBM and have worked to
maintain my contacts with development. After 2013, I joined Nuance
Communications where I am the Sr Storage Engineer for the HPC grid. I have
been active in the GPFS DeveloperWorks Forum and the mailing list,
presented multiple times at IBM Edge and IBM Interconnect. I'm active in
multiple IBM Beta programs, providing active feedback on new products and
future directions. For the user group, my vision is to build an active
user community where we can share expertise and skills to help each other.
I'd also like to see this group be more active in shaping the future
direction of GPFS. I would also like to foster broader co-operation and
discussion with users and administrators of other clustered file systems.
(Lustre and OpenAFS)

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