[gpfsug-discuss] fast ACL alter solution

Jonathan Buzzard jonathan at buzzard.me.uk
Wed Aug 12 17:29:00 BST 2015

On Wed, 2015-08-12 at 10:43 -0400, Marc A Kaplan wrote:
> On GPFS-Linux-Redhat  commands  getfacl and setfacl DO seem to work
> fine for me. 

Yes they do, but they only set POSIX ACL's, and well most people are
wanting to set NFSv4 ACL's so the getfacl and setfacl commands are of no

> nfs4_getfacl and nfs4_setfacl ...   NOT so much ... actually, today
> not at all, at least not for me ;-(   

Yep they only work against an NFSv4 mounted file system with NFSv4
ACL's. So if you NFSv4 exported a GPFS file system from an AIX node and
mounted it on a Linux node that would work for you.

It might also work if you NFSv4 exported a GPFS file system using the
userspace ganesha NFS server with an appropriate VFS backend for GPFS
and mounted on Linux


However last time I checked such a GPFS VFS backend for ganesha was
still under development.

The RichACL stuff might also in theory work except it is not in mainline
kernels and there is certainly no advertised support by IBM for GPFS
using it.


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