[gpfsug-discuss] 4.1.1 immutable filesets

Simon Thompson (Research Computing - IT Services) S.J.Thompson at bham.ac.uk
Fri Aug 7 14:46:04 BST 2015

On 05/08/2015 20:23, "Simon Thompson (Research Computing - IT Services)"
<S.J.Thompson at bham.ac.uk> wrote:

>* if I have an iam compliant fileset, and it contains immutable files or
>directories, can I still unlink and delete the filset?

So just to answer my own questions here. (Actually I tried in
non-compliant mode, rather than full compliance, but I figured this was
the mode I actually need as I might need to reset the immutable time back
earlier to allow me to delete something that shouldn't have gone in).

Yes, I can both unlink and delete an immutable fileset which has immutable
files which are non expired in it.

>* will HSM work with immutable files? I.e. Can I migrate files to tape
>and restore them? The docs mention that extended attributes can be
>updated internally by dmapi, so I guess HSM might work?

And yes, HSM files work. I created a file, made it immutable, backed up,
migrated it:

$ mmlsattr -L BHAM_DATASHARE_10.zip
file name:            BHAM_DATASHARE_10.zip
metadata replication: 2 max 2
data replication:     2 max 2
immutable:            yes
appendOnly:           no
indefiniteRetention:  no
expiration Time:      Fri Aug  7 14:45:00 2015
storage pool name:    tier2
fileset name:         rds-projects-2015-thompssj-01
snapshot name:     
creation time:        Fri Aug  7 14:38:30 2015
Windows attributes:   ARCHIVE OFFLINE READONLY
Encrypted:            no

I was then able to recall the file.


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