[gpfsug-discuss] 200 filesets and AFM

Yaron Daniel YARD at il.ibm.com
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Which ACLs you have in your FS ? 

Do u have NFSv4 Acls - which use NFS + Windows Acls ?


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Hi Mark, 

Are you referring to this?


It?s not magical, but it?s pretty good!  ;-)  Seriously, we use it any 
time we want to move stuff around in our GPFS filesystems.


On Feb 20, 2017, at 9:35 AM, Mark.Bush at siriuscom.com wrote:

I have a client that has around 200 filesets (must be a good reason for 
it) and they need to migrate data but it?s really looking like this might 
bring AFM to its knees.  At one point, I had heard of some magical version 
of RSYNC that IBM developed that could do something like this.  Anyone 
have any details on such a tool and is it available.  Or is there some 
other way I might do this?
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