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	Thanks Simon and all for moving the USA-based group forward. You’ve got a great user group in the UK and am grateful it’s being extended. I’m looking forward to increased opportunities for the US user community to interact with GPFS developers and for us to interact with each other as users of GPFS as well. Having said that, here are some initial plans:

We propose the first "Meet the Developers" session be in New York City at the IBM 590 Madison office during 2H of September (3-4 hours and lunch will be provided). [Personally, I want to avoid the week of September 28th which is the HPSS Users Forum. Let us know of any date preferences you have.]

The rough agenda will include a session by a Spectrum Scale development architect followed by a demo of one of the upcoming functions. We would also like to include a user lead session --sharing their experiences or use case scenarios with Spectrum Scale.

For this go round, those who are interested in attending this event should write to Janet Ellsworth (janetell at us.ibm.com). Janet is on the product management team for Spectrum Scale and is helping with the logistics for this first event.  Please also chime in if you are interested in sharing an experience or use case scenario for this event or a future event.

Lastly, there are ongoing discussions regarding a day-long GPFS US UG event in Austin during November aligned with SC15. We will keep you posted on this and also welcome thoughts you may have planning that agenda.


On Aug 4, 2015, at 3:32 AM, GPFS UG Chair (Simon Thompson) <chair at gpfsug.org> wrote:

> As many of you know, there has been some interest in creating a USA based section of the group. Theres's been bits of discussion off list about this with a couple of interested parties and IBM. Rather than form a separate entity, we feel it would be good to have the USA group related to the @gpfsug.org mailing list as our two communities are likely to be of interest to the discussions.
> We've agreed that we'll create the title "USA Principal" for the lead of the USA based group. The title "Chair" will remain as a member of the UK group where the GPFS UG group was initially founded.
> Its proposed that we'd operate the title Principal in a similar manner to the UK chair post. The Principal would take the lead in coordinating USA based events with a local IBM based representative, we'd also call for election of the Principal every two years.
> Given the size of the USA in terms of geography, we'll have to see how it works out and the Principal will review the USA group in 6 months time. We're planning also to create a co-principal (see details below).
> I'd like to thank Kristy Kallback-Rose from Indiana University for taking this forward with IBM behind the scenes, and she is nominating herself for the inaugural Principal of the USA based group. Unless we hear otherwise by 10th August, we'll assume the group is OK with this as a way of us moving the USA based group forward.
> Short Bio from Kristy:
> "My experience with GPFS began about 3 years ago. I manage a storage team that uses GPFS to provide Home Directories for Indiana University’s HPC systems and also desktop access via sftp and Samba (with Active Directory integration). Prior to that I was a sysadmin in the same group providing a similar desktop service via OpenAFS and archival storage via High Performance Storage System (HPSS). I have spoken at the HPSS Users Forum multiple times and have driven a community process we call “Burning Issues” to allow the community to express and vote upon changes they would like to see in HPSS. I would like to be involved in similar community-driven processes in the GPFS arena including the GPFS Users Group.
> LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/kristykallbackrose
> "
> We're also looking for someone to volunteer as co-principal, if this is something you are interested in, please can you provide a short Bio (to chair at gpfsug.org) including:
> A paragraph covering their credentials;
> A paragraph covering what they would bring to the group;
> A paragraph setting out their vision for the group for the next two years.
> Note that this should be a GPFS customer based in the USA.
> If we get more than 1 person, we'll run a mini election for the post. Please can you respond by 11th August 2015 if you are interested.
> Kristy will be following up later with some announcements about the USA group activities.
> Simon
> GPFS UG Chair
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